The end of the first day!


Hi all!!!

It’s the end of the first day and I’m satisfy.

I ate, I had great workout and I  went grocery shopping with my mum today.

I hate to be a list of food that I had today, I tell you just someone of viands of my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In this morning I had a slice of rice choccolate cake (you can see my breakfast in photo, not beautifull but good). I baked It with my hands. I tryed a new recipe and the result is very very delicious.  (Also my mum and dad said it :-D).

In my luch I hadn’t strange aliments: vegetable soup and baked ham.

My dinner was more complicated. Grill tuna and baked zucchini.

Maybe you’re thinking: good Frances, very good! It was excelent day…

I omit other slice of cake, and a licorice liqueur. I’m not good but…. I’m improve my self!!!!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day.

See you soon guys!!!!

Good night all and follow me!!





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